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What Is Marconics?

Marconics is a full-spectrum, multidimensional, ascension energy modality. Carrying the high frequency of 144,000 Hz, Marconic Energy raises your vibrations, activates DNA codes, and aligns the multidimensional human holographic body for spontaneous healing. It is the only energy modality to free individuals from the Matrix, by releasing them from their karmic cycle.

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Higher Self Connection

Learning how to nurture a relationship with your Higher Self will allow you to receive love, support, and guidance for your journey.

Increases Manifestation

Without fear programming lowering your vibrational state, you are free to manifest that which resonates with your ascension path.

Expand Consciousness

Maronic Energy will activate long dormant DNA codes, enabling your consciousness to expand for sustaining higher density.


Energy Work

Marconic 'No Touch' Energy Session Release Density From Your Energy Field
Marconic 'No Touch' Energy Session
Clients receive Marconic Energy, raising their vibrations to help shed lower density from the energetic field. During this session, a temporary connection to Source Energy is made and spontaneous healing may occur.
Marconic Quantum Recalibration The Human Upgrade
Marconic Quantum Recalibration
During this 2-session process, your energy field and lightbody will be recalibrated to assimilate higher ascension frequencies. Long dormant energetic pathways will be activated, permanently reconnecting you to Source Energy.

Benefits of Experiencing Marconic Energy

The impact of experiencing Marconics is often described by clients as “life-changing”, because it secures a strong mind, body, and soul connection. The key to accessing all of its benefits rests on the ability to quiet the ego, trust the process, and stay in a place of surrender.

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Our goal is to assist others on a spiritual ascension path by bringing them into alignment with their Higher Self.

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