Marconic Energy Work Services RachelCaron July 15, 2023

Energy Work Services

Highest Alignment is a private Marconic Energy practice located in Westminster, Massachusetts. Through Marconic Energy work services, we’re able to assist others on a Spiritual Ascension path by bringing them into alignment with their Higher Self.

Explore all of our energy work services below.

Marconic 'No Touch' Energy Session

Marconic "No Touch" Energy Session

Clients receive Marconic Energy, raising their vibrations to help shed lower density from the energetic field. During this session, a temporary connection to Source Energy is made and spontaneous healing may occur.

Marconic Quantum Recalibration in Westminster, MA

Marconic Quantum Recalibration

During this 2-session process, your energy field and lightbody will be recalibrated to assimilate higher ascension frequencies. Long dormant energetic pathways will be activated, permanently reconnecting you to Source Energy.


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Energy Work Services