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Benefits of Marconic Energy

Highest Alignment assists individuals on a spiritual ascension path, by acting as bridge to deliver high-frequency Marconic Energy.

Those who are drawn to Marconics oftentimes experience deep personal growth and healing as they come into alignment with their Higher Self.

Below are some of the ways Marconic Energy could benefit you, during your spiritual evolution.

Ascension Energy Entering Third Eye Chakra
Person sitting with legs crossed aligning with light and information from the cosmos

During the Marconic Quantum Recalibration up to 51% of karmic residue trapped within the chakras is removed. Similar to a clogged engine, the 7 Chakra System cannot function to its full potential because it has been deliberately manipulated to build up sludge.

The ‘Integrated Chakra Unification’ removes the artificial seals, enabling the chakras to return to their spherical multidimensional state where they operate as a unified organ, like nesting spheres.

When you receive Marconic Energy, density in the form of karmic patterning and trauma that is held within your body is released. As you step forward on your ascension path, you begin to rise above the lower frequencies that are often stored within the human energy field and create opportunities for you to run fear programming such as lack, judgement, and attachment.

As you come into higher alignment with your most benevolent aspects of self, you will find yourself less triggered, and acting from a place of compassionate detachment, acceptance, and non-judgement.

For those who choose the Marconic Quantum Recalibration, a strong and permanent connection to the client’s Higher Self is established. Learning how to nurture this relationship will allow you to access all the support and guidance needed to navigate your spiritual ascension.

A Marconic “No Touch” Energy Session establishes a temporary connection. After receiving this heightened frequency, clients may continue to feel the effects for several weeks. Each session brings the individual higher, creating an incremental lift to their baseline which helps them shift into the higher states of being needed for their ascension journey.

As your body receives high frequency Marconic Energy, you may discover positive changes in your well-being. Marconics promotes the alignment of the multidimensional holographic body, and when these layers are aligned, healing on all levels can be experienced. Your body begins to repair itself as your field becomes clearer and resonant with higher dimensional states of being.

Upon the completion of your Marconic Quantum Recalibration, you will be released from the Karma Wheel. This means that you are free to experience higher states of being, as you shed density from your field and spiral upward on your ascension path.

The Unified Chakra eliminates the ability of others to establish energetic, emotional, and mental hooks into your chakras, and supports the processing and release of stored programming in your chakras.

The average aura is a 4-6 ft tightly fitted egg-shaped energy field around the human body and can be visually perceived by some as a glow a few inches above the skin. Once the chakras have been uncapped, the energetic field will begin to expand, potentially reaching up 30 feet.

When your energetic field is amplified, it will trigger those in close proximity to shed their lower densities. Especially for Light Workers, this explains why people may ‘feel good’ being around you.

According to the Law of Attraction, positive thoughts bring positive results, therefore changing your vibrations will change your life.

Without the baggage of fear programming creating distortion and locking you into a lower vibrational state, you are free to call to you that which is resonance with your ascension path.

“Ask and you shall receive”

The Quantum Recalibration helps to establish a clear and direct communication line with your Higher Self. Learning how to nurture this relationship will allow you to access all the support and guidance needed to navigate your journey here on Earth.

During the sessions, dormant DNA codes are activated by high frequency Marconic Energy. As a result, your consciousness expands and additional characteristics essential to sustaining higher densities (ie: 5D, 6D, and 7D) develop.

During the No-Touch Energy session, dormant DNA codes are being activated by this very high frequency. As characteristics, traits, and attributes essential to survive and thrive in higher dimensions reawaken, additional spiritual senses such as Empathy and Knowing, will increase.

Marconic Energy is multidimensional and full-spectrum. To withstand higher states of dimensional frequency, your existing lightbody will receive upgrades.

Similar to an airplane flying across country, pressure in the air cabin (lightbody) needs to remain stabilized, while the aircraft ascends to new heights.

Through receipt of higher Marconic frequency, you begin the process of integration and assimilation of aspects of YOU in higher dimensional bandwidths on your journey back to SOURCE. As you harmonize both male and female aspects of your own divinity, you will maintain greater balance and neutrality.


Energy Work Offerings

Marconic 'No Touch' Energy Session Release Density From Your Energy Field
Marconic 'No Touch' Energy Session
Clients receive Marconic Energy, raising their vibrations to help shed lower density from the energetic field. During this session, a temporary connection to Source Energy is made and spontaneous healing may occur.
Marconic Quantum Recalibration The Human Upgrade
Marconic Quantum Recalibration
During this 2-session process, your energy field and lightbody will be recalibrated to assimilate higher ascension frequencies. Long dormant energetic pathways will be activated, permanently reconnecting you to Source energy.
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