60 Positive Affirmations For Women RachelCaron May 5, 2023

60 Positive Affirmations For Women

60 Affirmations For Women

What Are Positive Affirmations?

Simply put, positive affirmations are short positive statements used to challenge negative thoughts. These powerful phrases are designed to create positive thinking, allowing people to further tap into the Law of Attraction.


Benefits of Positive Affirmations

Considered to be a form of self care, voicing positive affirmations has shown to be beneficial for strengthening a mind-body connection.

Choosing to recite daily affirmations is supportive of a positive mindset shift. As ‘old programs’ are overridden in the brain, negative thinking is disrupted and replaced with thoughts and feelings of higher vibration such as gratitude, confidence, and self love.

To name a few, here are some benefits of practicing daily affirmations:

  • Brings inner peace

  • Increases self respect

  • Increase sense of self worth

  • Releases old thought patterns

  • Creates positive energy

  • Raises vibration

  • Attracts new opportunity

  • Regulates emotions

  • Improves mental health and well being



Positive Affirmations For Self-Love

In case no one has shared this secret, the MOST important relationship a woman will ever have will be with herself.

A strengthen inner connection allows us to amplify our healing journey and help us establish boundaries where needed. Using daily positive affirmations to extend grace to ourselves will not only improve everyday life, but will fortify an unbreakable bond.

Woman embracing herself

Here’s our top 15 list of affirmations for women who want want to become more compassionate and connected, through the power of self-love.

  1. “I am good enough.”

  2. “I deserve joy.”

  3. “I deserve to feel happy”

  4. “I am worthy of investing in myself.”

  5. “I am worth of love, respect, and compassion”

  6. “I deserve positivity.”

  7. “I am worthy of praise.”

  8. “I love myself.”

  9. “People enjoy being around me”

  10. “I am perfect the way I am”

  11. “I am loved and supported by those around me”

  12. “I am proud of everything I accomplish”

  13. “I forgive all unhealed versions of myself”

  14. “I love the life I am creating”

  15. “I am grateful for this body”


Positive Affirmations For Abundance and Money

By reciting daily positive affirmations about prosperity, women can learn how to shift from a lack mindset to an abundance mindset. As theses affirmations work to raise ones vibration, they’ll become more capable of attracting in new opportunities and wealth.

Here’s our top 15 list of affirmations for women who want to attract abundance and money.

  1. “I am worthy of wealth.”

  2. “I attract money easily and effortlessly”

  3. “I have everything I need to be successful”

  4. “I am open to receiving new opportunities.”

  5. “I surrender to the wisdom of the Universe”

  6. “I am a money magnet”

  7. “My life is full of wealth opportunities.”

  8. “I am capable of prosperity.”

  9. “Today I tap into my wealth potential.”

  10. “I grow richer every day.”

  11. “I create success wherever I go”

  12. “I am surrounded by love”

  13. “My future is full of prosperity”

  14. “I can attract anything I desire”

  15. “I manifest my own happiness”


Positive Affirmations For Confidence and Self Esteem

Did you know that in addition to lowering stress levels positive affirmations can help women feel more comfortable in their skin, improve quality of life, and encourage living authentically?

Here’s our top 15 list of affirmations for women who want to build confidence and self-esteem.

  1. “I am a wonderful person”

  2. “I don’t need validation from others to know who I am”

  3. “I can achieve anything I set my mind to”

  4. “I let go of all my insecurities”

  5. “I embrace all my flaws and imperfections”

  6. “I generate my own happiness”

  7. “I trust my gut instinct”

  8. “I am loved for who I am”

  9. “I believe in my abilities and trust my decisions”

  10. “I am on charge of my own destiny”

  11. “My ideas make a positive impact”

  12. “I am capable of reaching my dreams”

  13. “I trust my spirit”

  14. “I radiate confidence”

  15. “I make healthy decisions every day”



Affirmations For Anxiety

Studies show women suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) can reduce worrisome and negative thoughts, with positive thinking.

Women who choose to recite daily affirmations, can learn how to let go of the fear preventing them from living their best life.

Here’s our top 15 list of affirmations for women who want to calm anxiety.

  1. “I am stronger than my fears”

  2. “I am safe in the here and now”

  3. “I am in charge”

  4. “I am brave”

  5. “I trust myself”

  6. “I am capable”

  7. “This moment will pass”

  8. “This feeling is only temporary”

  9. “My body is my ally”

  10. “I inhale peace and exhale worry”

  11. “I am in control of my own life”

  12. “I choose to live in the present”

  13. “I release fear that no longer serves me”

  14. “I will make it through these challenging times”

  15. “My past does not define who I am”

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